Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rutgers vs Duke

Is it just me, or has anyone else out there noticed that this country is pretty fucked up? Is this what our forefathers fought and died for? For those religeous fanatics out there who believe God has a plan, is this it? Is this why our parents and grandparents fought in wars? Perhaps I should elaborate...

Scenario One: Don Imus made a joke in poor taste on his nationally syndicated cable-TV show. Al Sharpton and the Sharptonettes, (Jesse Jackson and other like-minded busybodies,) banded together in a show of solidarity and threatened boycotts of Imus' advertisers. The advertisers pulled out and the show has been cancelled. Over a bad joke. (Well, it was a bad joke two days ago. Now, according to the Big News Media, it's a "racially charged remark." Way to blow something out of proportion on a slow news day folks!)

Scenario Two: Some nobody 'escort' accused members of the Duke lacrosse team of rape. Prosecutor Mike Nifong withheld evidence of their innocence. The nobody 'escort' continued to lie to police, lawyers, judges, the media, and the entire nation. The members of the lacrosse team spent over a year under the scrutiny and derision of most of the nation and their coach was fired without evidence of any wrongdoing. Finally they were vindicated but where are Al and Jesse? Why aren't they calling for the nobody 'escort' to be fired? Is it because she's black? Hey, we all know 'escort' is a fancy word for whore. If Don Imus had used his "nappy-headed ho" comment on the nobody 'escort' would he still have a job?

For the women of the Rutgers womens basketball program, I'm sorry if you were offended by Don's remarks, but to state that you were "scarred for life" is simply insane. What you're going through now is nothing compared to what the Duke players have endured. Don't argue with me. It's true and you know it. All the ho jokes in the world wouldn't add up to a year being viewed as a rapist. And to the Rutgers coach, what red, green and purple people are you talking about? That's a statement used by closet racicsts when they try to convince others that they aren't racist at all. "Oh, I like everyone... black, white, purple and pink." For the record baby, there are really only three colors of people on this planet: white (pale pink to dark tan), black (pale brown to black), and yellow (sort of, well... yellow. Sorry.) Everything else is just variations on a theme. (Yes, everything else. There are albino whites, blacks and asiatics.)

I notice that the prosecutor in the Duke (non-)rape case may actually lose his job, license and freedom for his incredible stupidity, hubris and incompetence. That's cool, he deserves it, he brought it all upon himself and it didn't take a busload of buybodies picketing his office to do it. It's happening because it should. Because it's the correct reaction to his actions. You break laws, you pay consequences.

Imus on the other hand... he's a fucking joke. Whatever audience he has (sorry, had) probably didn't even register his comments during their morning commute. There is so much more worth fighting for in this world than faux hurt feelings. Give the girls a hankie and move on. The Gulf Coast is still a patchwork of trailer-homes and empty lots thanks to the incredible stupidity, vanity and graft of local and federal politicians! Our education system is crumbling to dust but we're building high-tech schools on the other side of the world while the people we build them for shoot at us! We're stuck in an un-winnable war that we started. A war that's had it's conditions for winning changed four fucking times already!

And we have to worry about hurting someone's feelings.

I hear people use the term, "my country," a lot. "Not in my country, you don't!" "This is my country buddy, love it or leave it!" Guess what? It's not "your country"! It's Our Country! Yours, mine and every other person with a birth certificate from the US of A. Here's a fact for you. Cram billions of people on one small rock and and chances are, more than two of them won't get along. People have the right to be offensive. You might not like it and I might not like it, but it's going to happen. Screaming for blood is not going to help anything.

Had you asked Imus to enter into some sort of racial-anger-management program, he might have learned something. That might have actually made a few closet racists out there think, "Wow. If Imus can adapt, so can I." Instead, you lit torches and chased the monster from the castle. Now all those closet racists are saying to themselves, "See, I was right! I knew they were fucking troublemakers!"

And now you can all feel proud knowing that because of your thin-skinned stupidity, NJ Governor John Corzine lies in critical condition due to a traffic accident that occurred while he was en route to mediate the pity-party between Imus and the Rutgers players. I just don't know what to do with you knee-jerk reactionaries anymore. I keep pitching 'em and y'all keep missing 'em. You want to keep calling it your country? Hell, go ahead. At least it lets me off the hook when I travel abroad.

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