Monday, January 14, 2008

Swing Kathy! Swing!

Through tired eyes I caught part of an interview with soon to be former Governor Kathleen Blanco and I just had to blog this. In the interview with WDSU Channel 6, Kathy asserts that she is "probably the most successful governor in the nations history." She must be referring to the Nation of Morons because I think there are quite a few candidates ahead of her in the Real World. Baby, if you're so frelling great, why aren't you running for re-election? Exactly.

Blanco's office just released a final progress report citing improvements to Louisiana education, infrastructure and health care as being her lasting legacy. Well, she gave raises to teachers across the state whether they were merited or not. (Note: I'm not begrudging our extraordinarily underpaid teachers, but we all know there are quite a few out there who couldn't teach a baby to crawl.) And she improved health care along with Governor-elect Bobby Jindal by eviscerating the Charity hospital system leaving thousands of citizens without care, but off the taxpayer dole. Infrastructure? Yeah, I'm amazed she can pronounce the word without fo-net-ic-uh-lee written cue cards, much less divine its meaning.

Kathy attributes her greatness to the fact that she wrestled 20 billion dollars out of the Federal Government for Hurricane Katrina recovery. According to her, she had to fight hard for it. No kidding. I don't suppose it ever crossed her mind that the Feds were reluctant to part with that money for fear she would piss it away on trivial crap like her recent "upgrades" to the Governors Mansion. After watching her mis-handle pre- and post-Katrina related issues including the Louisiana Road Home Program, I wouldn't give this clueless bint change for a dollar. (Remember how it was always called "Kathleen Blanco's Louisiana Road Home Program" in the media until it began collapsing in on itself?)

Kathleen the Great will fade into the woodwork of her hometown, Lafayette, LA, where she will begin work on her memoirs. Can't wait for this one kids! Quoting Kathy from the WDSU interview: "There will be certain, uh, important passages in my book, telling about my personal experience." Important to who, honey? Blanco also says the book will concentrate mainly on Hurricane Katrina. Sounds to me like someone's trying to justify their inaction.

Toward the end of the interview, Kathy dropped a bombshell when she threatened a possible future run for office. She actually said "Never... say never... I will be open to opportunities as they arrive." Yeah, I'm sure people will be breaking down your door with offers. Do yourself a favor honey and don't quit your day job. Oops... too late.

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yeah right and she's the frelling queen of england