Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jordan's Squeezes 'Special' Friend Gets Off

Accused armed robber Elton Phillips is a free man again, but this time it's legal. (For the story, check past posts, I'm too lazy to recap it here.) According to the DA's office, the two witnesses had conflicting stories and were unable to pick him out of a lineup. Sources say this is the only reason for his release and not the fact that the accused is chummy with former DA Eddie Jordan's current moll.

In an interview with WDSU Channel 6, Phillips' aunt says he apologized to her and to God for the "things he done," and she said that he had to "say what he done," and he apologized to god for "robberin." Phillips mother said that he never admitted his guilt to her and she even "kinda axed him about it." Phillips says his aunt is "mistaken." Whatever the case, this is an opportunity for Elton Phillips to get his life back on track. Elton, if you reading this, take my advice and stop hanging out with bad elements of society like Eddie and his cruiser.

As to the police lineup, they're a fucking joke. I witnessed a hit and run about ten years ago and hung around with three or four other witnesses until the police came. We wrote down the license number and description of the van for the officers and I gave them my number. Two months later I was called in for the lineup. Needless to say, I failed to pick out the guy but apparently one of the witnesses did. But this was Kenner, so perhaps the NOPD is a little more on the ball, but somehow I doubt it.

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