Friday, July 4, 2008

It's Official!

Joey Chestnut wins the celebrated Nathan's Famous Mustard Belt for the second year in a row! Faced with the challenge of proving last years win was no fluke, Chestnut stepped up to the plate and downed 59 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Yes, ten minutes, the original time limit has returned. But it wasn't easy as former 6-time champion Takeru Kobayashi "tied" the 59-pup mark as time ran out. I place "tied" in quotations as anyone who witnessed the event can tell you, Kobayashi still had bun in his hands which he was allowed to finish as time ran out.


The rules clearly state that if it's in your mouth as time runs out it counts; if it comes out, it doesn't. But I guess after trying to eat his own vomit from his hands last year this was small potatoes. So there we stood, watching the first ever Nathan's Famous "tie."

It was a short 5-pup Dog Off and in less than a minute-and-a-half Joey Chestnut had proven himself as the world's champion once again. The fireworks rang out, eagles soared overhead, red, white and blue banners unfurled, and trumpets bleated out 'God Bless America!' The Mustard Belt remained here in these United States where it's suposed to be.

God bless Joey Chestnut, God bless hot-dogs and God bless America!

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