Thursday, May 29, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

A few weeks ago I wrote about how James Bernazzani is getting the short end of a political stick. Well, guess what? It's shorter than we thought. Mr Bernazzani has declined to transfer to Washington, electing to remain in New Orleans though he will not run for public office. The thing is, it was recently discovered by some smart cookie that even if Bernazzani had a desire to run for mayor in 2010, he couldn't! He simply has not been a resident of the city long enough. Now I'm just "blue-skying" here, (I hate that term, let's just say I'm whistling outta my ass,) but exactly which jackasses pushed JB into the electoral spotlight in the first place? Didn't they know he was ineligible? Or was this in fact, an assassination job? In light of the facts, I am more convinced than ever that JB was pushed into this fiasco with the sole purpose of getting him transfered or fired. Oh well, our loss huh?

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