Thursday, September 25, 2008

Duke Of Hurl

Attempting to prove that white people can be just as racist and incompetent as Mayor Ray Nagin, state Rep John Labruzzo has opened up his mouth and deposited a stinking pile of vomit on the doorstep of Louisiana. Labruzzo has come up with a plan to pay "poor" people $1000 cash money to tie their tubes, be they male or female. He also wants to give tax breaks to "wealthy, college-educated people" if they promise to breed more. Honestly, words fail me.

Wait, no they don't…

The little white boy from District 81, (yes, the same district that catapulted "former" KKK Grand Wizard David Duke to political power,) says it's because welfare is costing the state too much money. Hmmm, fix the system or the populace, which is easier? Labruzzo claims that this is not racist since more white people are on welfare than other races. Perhaps in his district, which runs from Old Metairie to Bucktown, this is true, but Labruzzo is "still gathering data" so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Johhny says the plan will be completely voluntary. Of course, in a few years when it's not working they can always make it mandatory. Hell, why stop at the tubes. Let's hack off cocks and rip out vaginas. Jesus, Johnny, why bother to even pay for this? Why not just gather up some good ol' boys in the back of a pick-up truck and have a good old fashioned po' folks Krystallnacht. You could wipe out poverty in District 81 with just $1000 worth of shotgun shells! Think of the available housing! Think of the taxes that land could bring in! Think of the glorious rich, white, well-educated suburban landscape you could build!

This is such an incredibly ridiculous proposal that I refuse to devote any more time to it than this: Under Labruzzo's plan, the world would eventually be populated with productive taxpayers like John DuPont, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richey and the Bush Twins and we would never again see another Andrew Carnegie, George Washington Carver or Sister Gertrude Morgan. Think about that next time you're contemplating government sanctioned slaughter you worthless twunt.

In closing, I recommend Mr Labruzzo visit his doctor quickly as it seem that his own internal plumbing is in need of serious attention: The shit spewing forth from his mouth makes me think he's talking out of his ass.

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