Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh, Those Clever Engineers!

Recently uncovered evidence shows that US Army Corps of Engineer employees are just as stupid as we thought. Evidently some of the very people we entrust our safety to have either a wicked sense of humour, or are incredible assholes, using government equipment to harass and berate the group Levees.org on their blog. One comment went so far as to call us stupid for living here in the first place! From WWL:

While I can see the Corps point, that it's "one" individual, (and we all know it's more than one,) it's still just a small percentage of their workforce. However, when you have one child molester working at your daycare center you don't simply dismiss it. If the individuals responsible for this harassment are off the clock it's simply misuse of government equipment, but if they are on the clock, they are stealing time as well, and guess who pays their salaries?

In my opinion, the Corps casual dismissal of these incidents is yet another slap in the face to the citizens of New Orleans. I urge you to contact the Corps and demand an investigation into these incidents.


S. Rosenthal said...

Dear M,
Thanks for posting the IP address story and for helping get the word out. If enough people view, comment and rate our new video, it could potentially be viewed by millions!
Thanks a million!


New Orleans Ladder said...

Hey, thanks for posting this.
I hung you onto today's Ladder.
What I think is going on is less motivated by Intimidation and much more motivated by Spinning and ReTelling the Cause of those Levee Failures on 8/29 by the Exquisite Corps.
They do this on other blogs. Check your own stats to see if they have been there. I use StatCounter cause it is free and damn good.
But we cannot allow these murderers to Change That Story.
Here are some links:
The 8/29 Investigation Act
(we really need that legislation)

Whois.net (this is who I use to track IP addresses since those fakirs have been all over my blog)

Hope you like the Ladder. I'll also hang you on our "Stitch'hikas" list too, if you ain't there already. You do a great blog.

Thanks again,
Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

Anonymous said...

Where's my g.d. pirouge???