Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pardon Me...

Former governor Dave Treen is currently using his connections with former Louisianian John Breaux to seek an audience with current Moron-In-Chief Gerofge Bush in order to free former governor Edwin Edwards from his prison term. Pardon my english but are you fucking kidding me? The absolute last thing this state needs is for Treen to open up this can of worms. With David Vitter in the spotlight for his hypocrisy, William Jefferson and his family of scumbags already under Federal investigation and the mysterious ongoing(?) probe concerning former mayor Marc Morial and his clan still in limbo, why in the hell do we need this aggravation?

Treen bases his meddling on some pretty weak criteria. One, that Edwards is now 80 years old and shouldn't have to suffer any longer in prison. Bullshit, he's guilty, let him do his time. It's called justice. Another, that Bush pardoned 'Scooter' Libby, he should pardon Eddie. Oh, sure, this makes sense. What heat has Edwards taken for Georgie? Libby was pardoned for taking the fall for other Bush flunkies. Edwards is not even a blip on Georgie's radar.

If Bush is incredibly stupid enough to actually pardon Edwards, we can all kiss Federal help goodbye for any future disaster we may suffer. If you think the country is sick of hearing about the corrupt politicians we have in Louisiana now, wait until this shit hits the cieling fan and lands square in the middle of the nations face. I can see no reason for Treen to even care about this issue unless Edwin's been sending him big checks in their recent correspondance. How about it Dave? Is your Uncle Eddie buying his way to freedom? Pardon me Dave, but sit down and shut the fuck up and wither away quietly up there in Mandeville

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