Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vick-tim Of His Own Stupidity

Yes, I know I should have been keeping you all up to date on the Michael Vick brouhaha, but I'll make it up to you now. My sources deep inside the Atlanta Falcons organization inform me that after the troubled QB serves his 12- to 18-month sentence, he will be welcome back into the folds of the organization as the Starting Quarterback. According to the front office, Vick wil have all benefits, bonuses and perks returned to him as long as he wins football games for the Falcons. However, in the event that he loses a game, he will be eletrocuted and then shot in the head in a wooded area out behind the Georgia Dome.


Anonymous said...

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M Styborski said...

And they say there's a communication problem between Americans and radical Muslims. Of course, he sorta blows the whole joke by parenthetically translating LBT, and the whole 1984 thing is a bit oudated, still, I should address this seriously.

OK, seriously, the dogs never flew planes into American buildings, subsequently murdering thousands of innocent people, but considering some of the things humans do to dogs, I'm sure it's high on their list of priorities. As it stands, they tend to crap where we want to walk so torture is a bit out of line. Better luck next time.

Justanuptowngirl said...

I hear that dog is a tasty treat. They hate wasting food.

Anonymous said...

What the hell was that rambling I was trying to read from someone that OBVIOUSLY cannot do much with the English language ?????? THIS IS THE USA...LEARN ENGLISH !!!
As far as Michael DICK...he deserves to lose everything he has, and be barred from EVERY professional sport for life. His assests should be seized and sold with proceeds going to humane organizations and no kill shelters. The feds take possessions and cash from drug dealers, being unable to tell what is legal and illegally obtained...why is Michael DICK different ?? Nobody knows what money he used to purchase his assets, so why should he be allowed to keep them ?
As far as the Atlanta shitbirds...if they allow that low life piece of garbage to play on that team ever again, I will hope they are boycotted by every animal organization and decent human to to point of bankruptcy. Oh, and not to leave the so called supporters out, it you are stupid enough to stand up for DICK with your face painting etc., then you also deserve to be out for the rest of the season without pay. I am not a season ticket holder, but I can assure you if I were, I would be demanding my money back and walking with a picket sign before EVERY game to discourage support for that team or any team that supports such horendous acts. He KNEW what he was doing, he KNEW it was wrong...he was just plain damn GREEDY and deserves nothing more than perhaps being allowed to clean toilets and dog crap from kennels for the rest of his life.