Thursday, June 12, 2008

Business As Usual

The results are in and Louisiana Taxpayers can expect a massive six-million dollar fist up the ass thanks to State Senator Ann Duplessis. Her bastard child, SB 672 which ties legislator salaries to their counterparts in the US Senate, has passed its third and final vote in the senate and is on its way to the House for approval. (225-342-6945 if you care to call them.)

Voting for the bill were Senate President Joel T Chaisson, II, Robert Adley, Sharon Weston Broome, AG Crowe, Yvonne Dorsey, Ann Duplessis, Reggie P Dupre, Dale M Erdey, DA 'Butch' Gautreaux, Cheryl A Gray, Lydia P Jackson, RW 'Bob' Kostelka, Eric LaFleur, Rovert Marionneaux, Daniel 'Denny' Martiny, Michael J Michot, Edwin R Murray, Ben Nevers, Derrick Shepherd, and Francis Thompson

Voting against the bill were John A Alario, Jr, 'Jody' Amedee, Bill Cassidy, Sherri Smith Cheek, Donald R Cravins, Jr, Jack Donahue, Nick Gautreaux, Troy Hebert, David Heitmeir, Joe McPherson, Dan 'Blade' Morrish, Willie L Mount, Julie Quinn, Neil Riser, BL 'Buddy' Shaw,and Mike Walsworth

Absent were Gerald Long, John R Smith and the vacant seat from district 9.

Overall the vote looks suspect: 20 yea, 16 nay and 2 absent. Just enough votes to pass. How convenient. While I'm certain a few of the nays were cast by stalwart senators trying to make a difference in our little Third World State, most came from cunning little politicians who figured, "It'll pass anyway, so I may as well vote against it and look good in the press." Pure conjecture on my part, but entirely possible.

And our buddy Bobby doesn't seem to care. According to our "Reform" Governor, the legislature is responsible for "keeping its own house in order." He says it's not his job to tell them what to do. I wonder if John McCain taught him how to pass bucks like that.

Congratulations go out to Ann Duplessis, our Moron of the Year! (So far!) Her district lies in ruins, her constituency is spread across the country, but she can tootle back and forth from Baton Rouge in her taxpayer funded Mercedes S-500 in comfort knowing that all you working stiffs are going to be working a little harder to pay for it. We now return you to business as usual in Louisiana.

One final note to the vapid soccer mom I heard on WWL Radio yesterday: She called in to support the bill because our senators "give us their full-time, it's a full time job!" Wrong sweetheart. The job is part-time, 3-4 days a week for about 2-3 hours a day. Sure, there are the occasional 4+ hour marathons and special sessions, but most sessions are much shorter; see for yourself here. The April 3rd session lasted just 15 minutes.

Averaging 17 days per month, 2.5 hours per day, that's 42.5 hours a month or 510 hours per year. At the current salary of $16,800, that's just under $33 an hour. Under the new $70,000 salary our legislators will be making $137.25 an hour! And remember, these are some of the same douchebags who voted against raising the minimum wage in our state! Looks like it's back to every man for himself in Louisiana. Pittsburgh looks better every day.


Anonymous said...

Check this out...Senate leader Ann Duplesiss' Nice new MERCEDES BENZ.

Seems she's doing pretty well on the 16k salary ehh?

Anonymous said...

I think that all of my employees (public office holders) should be driving smart cars. Take away all those expensive gas hogs and put them in something that actually could SAVE money and gas. Might even keep them from speeding and breaking the law!


pbcc1 said...

I am still at a loss for why public officials NEED to be provided with a taxpayer vehicle. And if they can't afford a car, then perhaps they should get a REAL job and purchase one.
I agree with the previous post also, WHY are they not using gas savers, instead of a gas hogs ? And my final question...what damn fool continues to approve such waste and blatant disregard for the citizens of this city ? If you want to work in New Orleans, MOVE there. If you want to work in Baton Rouge, MOVE there ! I, for one, don't care to pay for your gas, as it costs me enough for my own gas to get to my REAL J-O-B.